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Grim store sales cast shadow ahead of India’s ‘festival of lights’

This close to India’s glittering festive season, the cash register at Neha Tandon’s clothes store should be working overtime as revellers

Death toll from US drone strike in Pakistan rises to 26: officials

The death toll from a US drone attack on a compound used by the Taliban-allied Haqqani network has risen to 26,

Iran warns Europe against new nuke deal conditions

A top advisor to Iran’s supreme leader warned European governments on Tuesday against imposing new conditions on the nuclear deal.


Google to offer stepped-up security for ‘high risk’ users

Google said Tuesday it would offer stronger online security for “high risk” users who may be frequent targets of online attacks.

Trump faces backlash over US servicemen claim

US President Donald Trump was facing a backlash on Tuesday after falsely claiming that Barack Obama and other former US leaders

US industrial output rises despite Harvey, Irma hits

Output at US factories rebounded in September after August’s steep plunge from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, the Federal Reserve reported

At least six dead as India building collapses

At least six people were killed Monday when an apartment block collapsed in southern India following a gas tank explosion, police

Bangladesh steps up patrols at West Bengal border over fears Rohingya refugees are being pushed into its territory by Indian border guards

Bangladesh has stepped up security along its frontier with West Bengal state after claims Rohingya Muslim refugees over claims

Israel says strikes Syrian anti-aircraft battery in response to fire

Israel’s military carried out an air strike on an anti-aircraft battery in Syria on Monday after it fired at its planes,

Worn down by censors, Iran’s Facebook shuts down

Iran’s oldest social media network announced Monday it is shutting down after years of battling censors, saying they had allowed foreign