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LET’S TALK AGING: Signs and stages of dementia

by Barbara Harrison Having a map to guide you to a new location can make the journey a little less stressful.

Most teens ‘relatively’ happy, OECD finds

by Gina DOGGETT PARIS, France | AFP – Despite the danger of excessive internet use and the threat of bullying, most teenagers around

Crowning glory

Srishti Kaur tells us how she won the recent Teen Universe 2017

In an alien land where Spanish is widely spoken

Want student loan forgiveness? Here’s how to qualify

by Katie Lobosco It might sound too good to be true, but some borrowers can get their student debt wiped away.

This 14-year-old is the youngest person ever to graduate from Texas college

FORT WORTH – A 14-year-old physics major has become the youngest person ever to graduate from Texas Christian University. Carson Huey-You was among

More exercise for kids could save US billions on health: study

Miami, | AFP | 5/1/2017 – Increasing the number of young children who exercise for just under a half hour a few times

Rice radio celebrates 50 years with the Mayapuris

The Mayapuris with Rice radio’s Varsha Vakil, George Barrow, Sal Tijerina and the ODS team Among Houstonians KTRU Rice radio is branded for

Young leaders around the world

PARIS, France | AFP | If Emmanuel Macron, 39, wins the second round of the French presidential election in two weeks, he will

Shruti Shibulal named young global leader 2017 of World Economic Forum

NEW DEHLI – Shruti Shibulal, Promoter and Director – Strategy and Development, The Tamara has been named as Young Global Leader 2017 by

For Chinese fans, popular teen band are mama’s boys

BEIJING | AFP | Monday 4/24/2017 – Liang Shanshan considers herself a mother of two: one child is her biological son, the other