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US urges screening adults for depression, including pregnant women

Miami, United States | AFP | Tuesday 1/26/2016 – 16:56 GMT | 326 words

An influential US panel on Tuesday called

What’s New and Beneficial About Raspberries? Part I

by Prof. Meenakshi Bhattacharjee, Rice University, Houston TX.

Raspberries belong to the rose (Rosaceae) family. Among U.S. consumers, raspberries are the

Thaipoosam celebration at Sri Meenakshi Temple

by Haripriya Sundar

What an auspicious day January 24th was! More than 700 devotees came together at the Sri Meenakshi Temple to celebrate

New Year glow for China’s ‘lantern capital’


(AFP) – Carefully steadying the gleaming red lantern between her knees, a worker applied the Chinese character for “wealth” in

Chanel swaps bling for eco-inspired haute couture


PARIS – Languid models strutting along a grass-covered catwalk in Paris on Tuesday showed off Chanel’s ecologically-inspired haute couture collection

Big is best as Paris fashion goes XL


Big flappy greatcoats, baggy trousers and voodoo charms… that is what fashionable men will be wearing next autumn and winter

Free colorectal cancer awareness seminar and screening kit

Colorectal cancer affects 1 out of 20 Americans

SUGAR LAND — (February 1, 2016) According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal

Cost of cutting corners: US kids with lead poisoning


CHICAGO, AFP, 1/8/2016 – The children of Flint, Michigan, are paying the price for a cost-cutting measure that

Trousers go baggy as Paris men’s fashion gets supersized


Paris (AFP) – The world is about to go all baggy.

As stock markets tumble and economists

As dance music booms, top club bets on Macau over New York


House music was made in America, but as the dance scene increasingly goes mainstream a leading club is placing