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Ad-blocking software use for mobile surges: study

WASHINGTON, AFP | 5/31/2016 – The use of ad-blocking software for mobile devices has nearly doubled in the past year, raising questions about

Young users ‘guinea pigs’ for new wave of drugs: EU watchdog

by Jonny JACOBSEN PARIS – Young drug users risk ending up as “human guinea pigs” for a new wave of sometimes highly-toxic recreational

Trans teen in Chicago: from surviving to thriving

by Nova Safo Derek Henkle Sixteen-year-old Arthur Brown is finishing his second year in high school in a suburb of Chicago. While his

Chai stirred into Silicon Valley coffee culture

by Glenn CHAPMAN SAN FRANCISCO, | AFP | – In a Silicon Valley culture known for brilliant ideas boiling up in coffee shops,

New rights, new challenges for US transgender community

by Elodie CUZIN WASHINGTON – Eight years ago, when Thomas Coughlin joined a Washington clinic’s small team devoted to transgender care, around 200

“Look Good – Feel Good” Skin Specialty Series Part II

by Bessie M. David, Personal Beauty Consultant, msbessie.david@gmail.com In Part I of the Skin Specialty Series we discussed three basic steps to healthy

ADHD may emerge in adulthood for some: studies

by Kerry SHERIDAN MIAMI – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is widely considered a condition that affects children, but some people may not

US: 1 in 8 swimming pools closed for health violations

MIAMI | AFP | Thursday 5/19/2016 – One in eight swimming pools in five populous states are closed upon inspection due to dirty

Violent young Sun may have seeded life on Earth: study

PARIS – Life on Earth may have sprung from bombardment by a youthful Sun lashing out with flares as potent as a thousand

US biochemist wins award for rewriting DNA to mimic evolution

HELSINKI, Finland | AFP | Tuesday 5/24/2016 – US biochemical engineer Frances Arnold on Tuesday won a million-euro technology prize in Finland for