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Camila Cabello channels Havana for debut L’Oréal makeup collaboration

Camila Cabello is honoring her hometown of Havana once again: not through song this time — but with a makeup collection for L’Oréal

Nuts may boost male fertility: study

Eating nuts “significantly” boosted the number and health of sperm in young men in a scientific trial, researchers said Wednesday. The

Gonorrhea: Scientists’ discovery could bring hope of new treatments

Gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease with 78 million new cases worldwide each year, could be treated more effectively with antibiotics or, above all,

How to Help Your Child with a Confidence Boost

The Importance of Confidence When Learning

Throughout your child’s educational path they will be faced with challenges that can affect their

Human lifespan may not have peaked after all: study

“They don’t get better, but they stop getting worse. They level out — it’s called a plateau,” he told AFP. Researchers studied data

Transform your home into an entertaining haven this summer

In warm weather, everything is better done outdoors — from eating meals to entertaining guests.

In fact, 88 percent

Top tips and decluttering insights for your next move

Moving can be emotional and the ways you manage it – including the downsizing of your possessions – may be influenced by your

Tasty Science Experiments to Try This Summer

Tasty Science Experiments to Try This Summer Learning can be super fun, especially when it’s

The country deemed to have the healthiest eating habits may surprise you

Though the country is better known for its liberal drug laws than its cuisine, the Dutch diet ranked the healthiest out of 125

Yoga: Indian practice turned global phenomenon

The Indian discipline of yoga, involving spiritual and physical practices, is followed in myriad forms today by millions of people worldwide, with an