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Many vitamin and mineral supplements show no benefits for health: review

A new Canadian review has found that many of the most commonly used vitamin and mineral supplements do not have any

Extra weight may boost patient survival

by Mariëtte Le Roux PARIS, France | AFP | Obese hospital patients are more likely to survive an infectious disease than people of

Atkins diet may cause heart failure, major new protein study finds

by Henry Bodkin The Atkins diet may raise the risk of fatal heart disease, according to a new study. Analysis of

4 Ways to make summer easier for children with Autism

Transitional times of the year mean shifting schedules, which can be particularly challenging for children with autism and their families. Whether

How to find the right sunglasses to protect your eyes this summer

Your time outside can quickly lead to an increased risk of exposure to dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause a

Target unveils Mickey Mouse beauty collaboration

Mickey Mouse beauty routines are now a reality, thanks to a collaboration between Disney and Target. The entertainment giant

An egg a day may reduce heart disease risk

Eating one egg a day may significantly cut your risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a new study from Chinese researchers. The study

Link between tuberculosis and Parkinson’s disease discovered

The mechanism our immune cells use to clear bacterial infections like tuberculosis (TB) might also be implicated in Parkinson’s disease, according to a

Don’t want to go vegetarian? A mainly plant-based diet can still protect against obesity says new study

Previous evidence has already suggested that vegan or vegetarian diets may cut the risk of developing obesity. However, less is known about how

World’s largest freshwater pearl to sell at Dutch auction

The world’s largest known freshwater pearl, which once belonged to Catherine the Great, will go on sale in the Netherlands later this month,