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Eating 5.5 portions of fruit and veg a day may lower a woman’s risk of breast cancer

New US research has found that women who eat at least five and a half portions of fruit and vegetables every day may

Teens glued to phones risk ‘modest’ rise in ADHD symptoms: study

TAMPA, Florida | AFP – A new study out Tuesday says digital overload could be linked to a “modest” but significant rise in

6 Skin experts on how to treat acne scars

by Lisa Niven Tackling acne and finding a treatment that works for you can be a rewarding experience, but often the scars

How Many Americans are Finding Affordable Housing

With the cost of housing continuing to rise faster than wages, it’s no wonder that many Americans nationwide are struggling to make

How to Improve Children’s Attention Span

The amount of time we are able to concentrate on a task without giving in to distractions is called

8-year-old yoga champion named ‘British Indian of the Year’

LONDON: PTI| -Jul 15, 2018 – An eight-year-old Indian-origin schoolboy who is the under-11 UK national yoga champion has been named the British

Millennials are more likely to post ‘deceptive’ vacation photos on social media: report

When Millennials share photos of their beach-side or glamorous European vacation, there’s vanity, competition and a touch of deception behind their posts. That’s

Study suggests weaning babies sooner onto solids can aid sleep

WASHINGTON | AFP | 7/9/2018 – Babies who are given solid foods as well as breast milk from the age of three months

Does swimming after eating cause stomach cramps? Experts debunk some popular summer health myths

As we head into summer it’s important to take extra care with certain aspects of our health and well-being, such as avoiding too

4 Tips to help you rent out your space like a pro

From city apartments to beach houses, vacation home rental sites like Airbnb, VRBO and others have become popular among homeowners and travelers alike.