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Infectious theory of Alzheimer’s disease draws fresh interest

by Bret Stetka Dr. Leslie Norins is willing to hand over $1 million of his own money to anyone who can clarify

Essay Writing Tips for Students in Friendswood and Sugar Land TX

How to Write a Great Essay

If you’ve been assigned an essay, use these basic tips to help you write the best draft

Back to School: How young is too young to stay home alone?

NORFOLK, Va — Where will your children be after the final school bell each day? Many will go home to empty houses, but

Type 2 diabetes diet: What to eat for dinner if you want to control your blood sugar level

TYPE 2 diabetes is a common condition in the US often caused by being overweight or obese. It’s recommended a person with

How gaming prepares youth for careers in cybersecurity

by Kacy Zurkus Despite advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the cybersecurity industry is still facing a skills gap crisis. According

Dragons and steamed buns at Taiwan’s temple-like church

With a cross rising from a red pagoda roof and two lion statues guarding the entrance, a Catholic church in southern Taiwan could

Asian families travel more than Westerners and take their grandparents with them

Asian families take more than twice the number of family trips as Western travelers — and are more likely to take

Dealing With Back to School Anxiety

How to Ease Back to School Jitters

While some students may be excited by the idea of going back

5 Pearls of wisdom about college for students starting their first year

Readers who are college graduates offer advice to incoming freshmen who wonder if degrees are worth the hype.

by Lela Moore Fall may

Fitness guide for working professionals

Balance is very important as most of the people today are juggling between work, health, habits, personal space and lot more. With the