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Sensory links between autism and synesthesia pinpointed

LONDON | AFP | Tuesday 3/14/2017 Concrete links between the symptoms of autism and synaesthesia have been discovered and clarified for the first

Swift childhood cancer deaths more common than thought

Treatments for childhood cancers have improved to the point that 5-year survival rates are over 80 percent. 


Short, white men more likely to go bald – study

PARIS, France (AFP) — You can add enhanced risk of premature balding to the list of illnesses and indignities faced by diminutive men

Is it possible to be healthy and obese?

by Ann Robinson Does stress make you fat, even if you don’t overeat? That is the question researchers from UCL have been trying

4 wounds we all walk around with

Revealing those painful but transformational moments we all have in common

by Becky Blades Wounds that heal, either slowly over a

Polluted environments kill 1.7m children each year, UN health agency reports

NEW YORK, March 6 2017 – Unhealthy environments are responsible for one-quarter of young child deaths, according to two new reports from the

More young women are getting heart attacks — here’s why

by Julie Revelant On the morning of December 15, 2016, 37-year-old Christine Wayne woke up feeling tired and more rundown than

Here’s how much less sleep women get once they have kids

by Sara G. Miller For moms with kids at home, it’s not in your head: You are getting less sleep than

‘One Part Plant’ is all about plant-based eating, but don’t call it a diet book

by Joseph Hernan It’s important to me that you know this isn’t a diet book,” writes author Jessica Murnane in her

How red berries reduce inflammation

Berries in general are lower in sugar than most fruit and contain large quantities in inflammation-reducing antioxidants. Blueberries and dark-coloured berries