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Are lonely hearts prone to cardiovascular disease?

by Marlowe Hood NEW YORK, NY | AFP – Feeling lonely contributes less to the risk of cardiovascular disease than recent research suggests,

Newfound ‘organ’ could be the biggest in your body

by Jacqueline Howard To be or not to be an organ: That is the question. Researchers have detailed the structure and distribution of

Viagra turns 20: chronicle of a global success


by Olivier Thibault Launched in the United States 20 years ago, Viagra has sold in the billions and become an unexpected source

Marijuana may aid in alcohol and drug addiction recovery

by Emily Price SAN DIEGO, Californina – Marijuana may be useful in combating alcoholism and curbing cocaine cravings. A recent study published in

Study challenges ‘healthy but obese’ theory

Being overweight or obese does pose a risk of heart disease, despite claims to the contrary, a study of nearly 300,000 British adults

Wearable brain scanner is gamechanger for neural care

by Patrick Galey1 PARIS, France | AFP | 3/21/2018 – British scientists on Wednesday unveiled a next-generation wearable brain scanner that can be

This young entrepreneur shares the 3-step strategy she uses to banish self-doubt

by Nina Zipkin When Sabena Suri, then 24 years old, couldn’t visit a friend who had been hospitalized, Suri and two other friends

Babies think logically before they can talk

A new study shows language is not a prerequisite for some basic reasoning

By Bret Stetka Symbolic communication in the form

“Surviving Cancer” Interview with Dr. John Poothullil

When worry becomes a problem

Everyone feels afraid or worried at times, but if these feelings begin to take over your life, then you may have crossed over