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Study suggests weaning babies sooner onto solids can aid sleep

WASHINGTON | AFP | 7/9/2018 – Babies who are given solid foods as well as breast milk from the age of three months

Does swimming after eating cause stomach cramps? Experts debunk some popular summer health myths

As we head into summer it’s important to take extra care with certain aspects of our health and well-being, such as avoiding too

Nuts may boost male fertility: study

Eating nuts “significantly” boosted the number and health of sperm in young men in a scientific trial, researchers said Wednesday. The

Gonorrhea: Scientists’ discovery could bring hope of new treatments

Gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease with 78 million new cases worldwide each year, could be treated more effectively with antibiotics or, above all,

Human lifespan may not have peaked after all: study

“They don’t get better, but they stop getting worse. They level out — it’s called a plateau,” he told AFP. Researchers studied data

Yoga: Indian practice turned global phenomenon

The Indian discipline of yoga, involving spiritual and physical practices, is followed in myriad forms today by millions of people worldwide, with an

In US, obesity, smoking more common in rural areas: study

WASHINGTON | AFP | 6/19/2018 – People who live in rural areas of the United States are far more likely than city dwellers

New study reveals how we can go from hungry to hangry

New US research has revealed two important factors that could cause us to feel “hangry,” an emotional state which is a combination of

Yoga and cheesecake for new mums in plush Chinese ‘sitting centres’

by Peter Stebbings / Albee ZHANG SHANGHAI, China | AFP | Friday 6/8/2018 – Yoga class starts shortly, the pristine massage centre is

Severe heart attacks more likely to kill in winter than in summer suggests new research

Carried out by cardiologists at Leeds General Infirmary, the team compared information from 4,056 patients who had received treatment for a