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World Cancer Day: Foods to add to your diet to boost prevention efforts


Many recent studies have shown the important role our diet plays in everyday health, and in the prevention

Tragic Top Chef Worried if his ‘Success Would Last’


PARIS, France (AFP) – Benoit Violier, the chef of the “world’s best restaurant” whose apparent suicide has thrown

Coffee diet woos Americans with ‘Bulletproof’ pledge

A new coffee diet claiming to help lose weight and improve IQ is gaining a major following

Indian state’s ‘luxury tax’ on samosas sparks row


NEW DELHI: One of India’s poorest states has said it will impose a “luxury tax” on samosas — one of

Dying art? A recipe to save Hong Kong’s handmade dim sum

For the past 60 years, Chui Hoi has risen in the early hours of the morning to prepare bite-size steamed morsels for his

Storm in a herbal cup: Indonesian elixirs get a modern twist


Jakarta (AFP) – The trendy cafe looks like a typical coffee shop in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, but in

Why diets don’t work: healthy foods vary by individual


Miami (AFP) – A healthy food for one person may lead another to gain weight, according to a study

If you want to be happy, eat vanilla-flavored yogurt


EUROPEAN researchers have revealed that our mood is influenced by being pleasantly surprised or disappointed by the taste of food.

Cookbooks: a recipe for success in publishing world


Frankfurt (AFP) – Visitors to the Frankfurt Book Fair are greeted by images of aromatic spices, mouth-watering desserts and

Philippine cooks take over the world’s kitchens

If you are holidaying on a Mediterranean cruise ship, celebrating your winnings at an Asian casino or dining with the president of