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Its Summer… Everyone looks hotter in sunglasses

It’s that time of the year when we try and answer the eternal style conundrum: Why does nearly everyone instantly look

Afghan beauty parlours are a sanctuary for city women

by Anne Chaon KABUL, Afghanistan | AFP – The photos in the window promise much: languorous, kohl-rimmed eyes and bright, bold nails —

Why White is Right for the Summer


The summer is going to be sheer delight, in more ways than one. Designers unveiled sheer white crop tops,

Feminism is in fashion

by Christina Dean I realised that feminism is well and truly in fashion when I was in New York during the city’s famous

Nip, tuck, lift and shape: Cosmetic surgery thrives

by Mariëtte Le Roux PARIS, France | AFP – Demand for cosmetic surgery is showing no sign of abating, with a boom in

Seasonal Tips for Warm Weather Fashions

From cool and casual to feminine and expressive, the newest trends in apparel and shoes are giving women the tools to express themselves

Cutting edge: K-pop band praise plastic surgery beauty

by Jung Ha-Won SEOUL, South Korea | AFP – Rounder eyes, narrower faces, bigger breasts: a South Korean girlband is celebrating

Bags carry Hermes to record profit

PARIS, France | AFP – A jump in sales of its trademark leather bags helped Hermes push its annual profits last year above

Innovative fabrics bark up Tokyo fashion tree

by Jennie Matthew TOKYO, Japan | AFP – Wood fashioned into lace and sculpted into evening dresses: the Hanae Mori Manuscrit label led

Rashmi Varma’s woven looks

Designer Rashmi Varma says her clothes are utilitarian yet elegant, with luxury in the crafting and details. Rashmi Varma, who worked