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National Preparedness Month: Keep Your Family Safe in an Emergency


When it comes to emergency and natural disaster preparation, clean, uncontaminated water should be top-of-mind. September, which is National Preparedness Month, is

In Chinese community, one-night stands are getting old

by Becky Davis ZHABA, China | AFP – Nimble after years of practice, Trinley Norbu is used to hoisting himself three

Girl meets boy: Taiwan’s tribal matchmaking festival

by Michelle Yun HUALIEN, Taiwan | AFP – As night falls on a square in the village of Matai’an, young women cast critical

This new startup will keep you entertained in the airport for hours

by Jason Guerrasio If you’ve ever been to an airport, you’ve most likely spent some time very bored. A familiar scene: You’re through

TRAVEL: 5 smart tips to avoid overpacking

by Holly Johnson Travel requires patience and meticulous planning. Sometimes, that means bringing a whole lot of stuff. When you’re traveling overseas for

Belgium’s giant omelette festival defies tainted egg scandal

BRUSSELS, Belgium | AFP – You cannot make a giant omelette without breaking thousands of eggs, health scare or not, and the small

From India’s freedom struggle to international fashion weeks – artistic journey of Indian handlooms


NEW DELHI, August 14,2017 (ANI) – Right from playing a key role in India?s Freedom struggle to making India a

‘Fair Trade’ fashion clicks with compassion statement

by Tanya Flink Fair-trade fashion and the plant-based movement tackle similar challenges to create a more ethical world. On July 29, models, influencers,

A look back at reverence for Krishna in works of Urdu poets

In pre-Partition India, Muslims too celebrated Janmashtami

In the India of 2017, a Muslim celebrating Holi, Diwali, Janmashtami or Shivratri is newsworthy since

Multilayered maps of modern India: Anjum Hasan’s fiction

Review by Anjali Vaidya The protagonist of Hasan’s more recent novel The Cosmopolitans (2015) finds herself coping with a