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Colombian eco-designer finds beauty in trash


Medellín, Colombia– Adriana Restrepo has a lot of experience searching for silver linings.

The Colombian fashion designer and environmentalist was

Spiders on the menu as northeast India embraces slow food


MAWPHLANG, INDIA: Welhite Naro proudly proffers his fried spiders and grilled crickets along with a somewhat less exotic dish of

Music ‘streaming search engine’ Aurous shutters after lawsuit

New York (AFP) – Aurous, an upstart music site that described itself as a search engine for

Your tablet screen is brought to you with the aid of … carrots


This Christmas, as consumers around the world hope Santa will give them a smartphone, TV or tablet computer, few people

Shorter stretch for Indian prisoners who pass yoga exam


Prison officers in western India have come up with a novel way for convicts to secure early release — master

Giant animals light up Vatican for environment show


Vatican City (AFP) – Images of clouds, lions and butterflies — alternating with polluted air and parched farmland —

Study warns of risks from ‘distracted walking’


You might think you can safely walk and text on your smartphone at the same time. But watch out

Smartphone market seen as cooling

Global smartphone sales growth will cool to single digits for the first time ever amid a slowdown in China, a new

Naturalist David Attenborough says sun can save Earth


Le Bourget (France) (AFP) – Filmmaker David Attenborough, whose soothing voice narrated the vicarious journey of millions of TV

‘Virtual trees’ turn the Eiffel Tower green for COP21


PARIS: The Eiffel Tower turned green Sunday for the opening of the Paris climate conference, marking the launch of an