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Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It celebrates the resurrection from the dead of Jesus, three days after he

Kathak dancer Rekha Mehra tries to make the world a better place, one step at a time

by Ruchika Garg Lending a helping hand to the destitute, Delhi-based classical dancer and singer Rekha Mehra aims to make the world free

The mesmerising art of living sculpture of Mari Katayama

Born with tibial hemimelia, Japanese artist Mari Katayama chose to have her legs amputated at the age of nine. Now she uses her

Indic Book Club comes to America

Indic Book Club, a global, multi city, horizontal network of Academics, Authors, Artists & Activists nurtured by Indic Academy, made its debut on

Sabyasachi debuts his spring 2017 couture collection

The Udaipur Collection’ is, as the name suggests, inspired by Rajasthani royalty.  A bold royal statement for the stately prince or princess

US fashion world asks: Where are all the minority designers?

by Laura Bonilla NEW YORK CITY | AFP | Thursday 2/8/2017 – As New York Fashion Week opens, a glaring near-absence stands out:

Culture mean many things, including your brown skin

Own your brown skin, so your kids can too

Children don’t miss a thing. And what they fail to see, they sense. It’s

Yappy New Year for Japan’s worshipping pets


Some might describe the idea as barking mad but a shrine in Tokyo is offering blessings to pets to protect

It’s gonna be huge: China factory hatches giant Trump chickens


A Chinese factory is hatching giant inflatable chickens resembling Donald Trump to usher in the Year of the Rooster.


Moving to Canada now a crapshoot for parents, grandparents

OTTAWA, Canada | AFP | Canada will hold a lottery in 2017 for parents and grandparents seeking to immigrate and reunite with their