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Where dating apps save lives

Often used for hooking up in the U.S., social media sites are a rallying point for LGBT communities in countries with

Ronald McDonald’s House of Charities Scholarship benefits 35 students

by Jacob David HOUSTON, TX – A fabulous luncheon, one that parents and students, recipients of the famous Ronald McDonald House of Charities

Today’s young workers are more likely than ever to have a bachelor’s degree

by Nikki Graf As U.S. college graduates earn their bachelor’s degrees and enter the job market this month, data from the Census Bureau

‘Wonder Woman’ star Gal Gadot: It’s ‘really magical’ to inspire youth with ‘strong female figure’

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, the most powerful woman in the superhero world, said it’s “really, really magical” to play such a

Mosquito season is back – Prevent the bite day and night!

Harris County officials present efforts in place to detect mosquitoes that carry disease

HOUSTON (May 22, 2017) – It’s mosquito season

‘Smart genes’ account for 20% of intelligence: study

by Marlowe Hood PARIS, France | AFP – Scientists on Monday announced the discovery of 52 genes linked to human intelligence,

A drink a day tied to higher breast cancer risk, report says

By Jacqueline Howard Researchers have long known that having too many cocktails might be associated with an increased risk of breast

Fashion queen Sonam Kapoor wows at Cannes

She had, in an earlier interview, said that she did not prepare much for the Cannes Film Festival owing to her busy schedule,

Little women stand tall at Dubai fashion show

The International Dwarf Fashion Show aims to “reverse the discriminatory diktats of beauty” The International Dwarf Fashion Show, a non-profit organisation

All that glitters: Japan ‘nailists’ turn manicures into art

by Anne Beade / Natsuko Fukue TOKYO, Japan | AFP – Japanese manicurist Britney Tokyo may not be a household name, but she