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Picasso’s erotic etchings sell for over $2 million to US collector

PARIS, France | AFP – A series of 100 etchings by Picasso, which depict his personal and political turmoil in the

Sugar Land’s 12th grader receives President’s Volunteer Service Award

For her work on Homeless Period Project – Houston Chapter

Danielle Turk, 12th grade student who attends Sugar Land Prep, has

Men at higher risk of dying of AIDS than women: UNAIDS

OTTAWA, Canada | AFP | Friday 12/1/2017 – Men are less likely to test for HIV or access antiretroviral therapy and,

Death rates soar among people hospitalized for opioids

MIAMI | AFP | Monday 12/4/2017 – People who are hospitalized for opioids — including prescription painkillers and heroin — are four times

What we’ve learned treating people with HIV can make care better for us all

by John Henning Schumann It’s been two decades since we established effective treatment against HIV, rendering what was nearly always a

What to do when a patient has a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ tattoo?

by Ed Yong MIAMI, Florida – Earlier this May, Gregory Holt had just finished doing the morning rounds at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital,

Your Horoscope for the Week of Dec 08, 2017

As per Indian Vaidic Astrology, Moon sign is considered, in which Every Rashi has Control over certain letters, which are initials

Trigger for most common form of vision loss discovered

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia, November 27, 2017 – In a major step forward in the battle against macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss

‘Smoking kills,’ US tobacco firms say in court-ordered ads

WASHINGTON | AFP , 11/26/2017 – Smoking kills an average 1,200 Americans daily, US tobacco companies admitted Sunday in court-ordered “corrective

Diabetes may lead to a greater risk for Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss

by Cindy Goodman MIAMI, November 26, 2017 – For people with Type 2 diabetes, there is an additional incentive for keeping