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You can’t lose your car for not paying your credit card bill

Q. A debt collector for a credit card company has threatened to sue me. He told me if I didn’t pay he would


Q: My request for asylum was not granted by the asylum officer and I received a letter which says that my case has

Tax bill impacts on Health coverage and Medicare

The tax overhaul Republicans are pushing toward final votes in Congress could undermine the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance markets and add to

Getting your name off a car note is difficult

Q. Last year my ex-boyfriend purchased a car and I co-signed. After we broke up, he moved out of state and took the

Divorce and Property Division in Texas

Question: I am in the process of getting a divorce in Texas. How will our shared property be divided? Answer: Texas is a

CMS Announces Special Enrollment Periods for Americans Impacted by Recent Hurricanes

Agency provides special open enrollment periods for 2017 Medicare and Exchange coverage As a result of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, the Centers

Store may limit the right to return a purchase

Q. I just bought a present to give someone for Christmas. The store told me that if the person I gave it to


Q: What Form do I need to use to apply for Naturalization? A: The Form to use is Form N-400 Application for Naturalization.

Why You Should Still Review Your Medicare Plan

In a world filled with health care complaints, being pleased with your Medicare coverage puts you ahead of the game. But being satisfied

Sexual Misconduct Transcends Ethnicity and Nationality

If sexual misconduct were an infectious disease, society would likely label 2017 as a year of sexual epidemic, albeit a multi-source