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10 Ways You Can Still Change Your Medicare Advantage Plan after Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for Medicare Advantage plans ended on Dec. 7, just like it does every year. Does that mean you have to wait

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Present and Future – Part II

by Meenakshi Bhattacharjee Health assistance and medication management: Welcome the world’s first virtual nurse. Molly was developed by the medical start-up Sense.ly. It

Why 70 is New 65 for Retirement

Age 70 is becoming the new target retirement age in the U.S. Half of all workers age 60 and older plan to retire

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Present and Future – Part I

by Meenakshi Bhattacharjee From the beginning of the history of computers, scientists have dreamed of creating an electronic brain. Of all

Thrive Nutrition Company Opens in Houston

HOUSTON – Vitamins and Such, a health food store dedicated to the health and well-being of its customers since 1999, is

Medicare Preventive Services: What’s Free, What’s Not!

Medicare covers a wide array of preventive services to help you stay healthy, but it’s important to know which services are totally covered

How Obamacare affects everyone

Obamacare touches just about everyone. It’s not just for the millions of people who have health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges or Medicaid

Know Seema Verma, New Head of Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services

Last Thursday morning, the Senate Finance Committee held a confirmation hearing for Seema Verma, the Trump administration’s pick to lead the Centers for

What’s at Risk in GOP Health Plan

As Republicans look at ways to replace or repair the health law, many suggest shrinking the list of services insurers are required to