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Enroll Now, Few Days Left – President Trump Has Signed an Executive Order for Obamacare

It is unclear how much longer you may be able to get a grandfathered plan. Do not wait any longer to get coverage.

My Medigap (Medicare Supplement) Rate Went Up – Now What?!

Medigap Insurance, just like any other insurance, has pesky rate increases that no one likes. Clients always ask us whether their

Some students develop an appetite for healthier school meals

by Bryan Thompson School lunch has long been a target of jokes. Those jokes turned to complaints from students and parents alike in

Weekend exercise may be as good as daily workouts: study

by Kerry SHERIDAN MIAMI, | AFP | 1/9/2017 – People who exercise mainly on the weekends may reap significant health and survival benefits,

Surgery for obese teens works longterm: study

PARIS, France | AFP | 1/6/2017 – Gastric bypass surgery helps “severely obese” teenagers shed weight and keep it off for years, according

Trump, Sanders, Schumer battle cuts to Medicare, Social Security

One of the time-honored dreams of Republicans in Congress has been to cut historically Democratic programs such as Medicare and Social

US health authorities: eating peanuts as baby prevents peanut allergy

WASHINGTON | AFP | 1/5/2017 – US health authorities recommended Thursday feeding infants foods containing peanuts as a way to prevent an allergy

Bangladesh ‘Tree Man’ sees hope after 16 surgeries

DHAKA, Bangladesh | AFP | 1/5/2017 – A Bangladeshi father dubbed the “tree man” because of the bark-like warts that once

What is Obamacare?

WASHINGTON | AFP | 1/5/2017 – President-elect Donald Trump and his Republican allies have vowed a swift repeal of President Barack Obama’s landmark

Tech show looks beyond ‘smart,’ to new ‘realities’

by Sophie Estienne / with Rob Lever in Washington SAN FRANCISCO, | AFP | 1/1/2017 – The mega-extravaganza of the tech world in