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Long Term Care- Biggest Challenge Americans will ever face

Americans routinely buy all sorts of insurance — for cars, homes, health and even pets and boats. But when it comes

Stem Cell Therapy For Regenerative Pain Management

by Dr. Surya Raguthu There has been many inventions in medical history to treats diseases and to have a better quality of life

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Who Needs It?

If someone will suffer financially when you die, chances are you need life insurance because it provides cash to your family

Managing pain after surgery

It is very important to follow up on the procedures after a surgery. After orthopaedic surgery, your doctors and nurses will make every

Trump administration cuts funding for health care sign-ups

The Trump administration is announcing sharp cuts in programs promoting health care enrollment under the Affordable Care Act for next year Health and

A Debt Collector Cannot Harass You

Q. A debt collector is harassing my mother for her brother’s credit card debt. The last call scared her because they threatened to

My pain is invisible and hurdles invincible!

by Dr. Surya Raguthu The quality of life is as good as your health and functionality of one’s physical and mental state. Some

Appeal Level 2 & 3: Medicare Advantage Plan

Appeals – Level 2: Independent Review Entity (IRE) If your plan decides against your reconsideration, they must send you a notice that gives

Staying Healthy After the Storm

Finally – relieved of  the storm, but whats next? Sickness after a Storm?

By Dr. Manjula Raguthu

Everyone is relieved that the storm

Appeals if you have a Medicare Advantage Health plan

Requesting an organization determination

You have the right to ask your plan to provide or pay for items or services you think should