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Safe sex or no sex after visiting Zika-hit areas: WHO

Geneva, Switzerland | AFP | – People who travel to Zika-hit areas should practice safe sex or have no sex at all for

‘Nightmare’ infection found in US for first time

MIAMI – A superbug resistant to all known medications has been found in the United States for the first time, raising

Yellow fever outbreak ‘serious’ but not global health emergency: WHO


by Nina LARSON GENEVA, Switzerland | AFP | Thursday 5/19/2016 – A deadly yellow fever outbreak in Angola and Congo is of

Bacteria the yin and yang of dandruff, says study

PARIS, France | AFP | Dandruff is not caused by a fungus, as many believe, but by an imbalance between two competing bacteria

New method of producing random numbers could improve cybersecurity

AUSTIN – TX May 16, 2016 – With an advance that one cryptography expert called a “masterpiece,” University of Texas at Austin computer

Heavier is now ‘healthier’ than in 1970s: study

by Kerry SHERIDAN MIAMI, AFP | 5/10/2016 – Being on the heavier side may not be as dangerous as it was in the

Study suggests fake sweetener link to infant size, obesity

Miami, | AFP | Pregnant women who drink artificially sweetened beverages may be more likely to have overweight infants than women

New device to rapidly diagnose bacterial infections

WASHINGTON, May 9, 2016 PTI – A new device which may shorten the time required to rapidly diagnose bacterial infections from days to

‘Second skin’ may eliminate wrinkles, eye bags

MIAMI (AFP) – 09 May 2016 – US scientists have developed a new, transparent polymer material that temporarily tightens sagging skin and eliminates

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Through a Healthy Diet

Presentation by Neeta Pahwa, MS, RD HOUSTON – April 23, 2016 – The Indian American Cancer Network (IACAN) organizes activities which provide emotional