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Eternal noodles: Obama ‘bun cha’ table encased in Vietnam

by Jenny Vaughn HANOI, Vietnam | AFP – The table where former US president Barack Obama famously slurped noodles in downtown Hanoi has


Q: What is a K-1 visa? What are the requirements to apply for that visa? A: The K-1 or Fiance(e) is a non-immigrant

Doctor’s own diagnosis drives quest for a cancer cure

by Kerry SHERIDAN BETHESDA, United States | AFP | Christian Hinrichs knew his life had forever changed the day he thought he was

Are lonely hearts prone to cardiovascular disease?

by Marlowe Hood NEW YORK, NY | AFP – Feeling lonely contributes less to the risk of cardiovascular disease than recent research suggests,

Newfound ‘organ’ could be the biggest in your body

by Jacqueline Howard To be or not to be an organ: That is the question. Researchers have detailed the structure and distribution of

Viagra turns 20: chronicle of a global success


by Olivier Thibault Launched in the United States 20 years ago, Viagra has sold in the billions and become an unexpected source

Marijuana may aid in alcohol and drug addiction recovery

by Emily Price SAN DIEGO, Californina – Marijuana may be useful in combating alcoholism and curbing cocaine cravings. A recent study published in

Are your home furnishings good for the planet and your family?

More consumers are interested in selecting products that are good for the planet and their families, than ever before. While many

Saudi Arabia, Japan’s SoftBank partner for massive solar deal

Saudi Arabia and Japan’s SoftBank will partner to develop a massive, multi-billion-dollar solar project in the kingdom that could generate 200

Governor Abbott to lead business development mission to India

AUSTIN, Texas Wednesday, March 21, 2018– Governor Governor Greg Abbott will lead a business mission to India from March 22nd – 30th. Over