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FIS features India-Israeli relationship at its Distinguished Lecture Series

by Nish Bhan HOUSTON – On a sunny afternoon of February 18th. about 80 attendees including several Jewish people came and listened attentively

Tiger Ball Underwriter Party

Dinner was a lavish affair and offered options from many different Asian cuisines, in all 4 corners of the room, in addition to

Estimated and Actual Costs in a Commercial Triple-Net Lease- Part 3

Question: How can a tenant deal with the difference between estimates and actual costs in a Triple Net Lease? Answer: When you approach

Help For Chronic Headaches

SUGAR LAND – (February 16, 2018) – According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 20 adults has a headache every day. Carisa

Science begins to unlock the secrets of brains that age well

by Kathleen O’Neil Improvements in medicine, science and lifestyles continue to add years to the average lifespan. In the 1970s, living

Peanut allergy treatment succeeds in study

The first treatment to help prevent serious allergic reactions to peanuts may be on the way. A California company said Tuesday that its

Google’s software can detect heart attack risk

Algorithms observe human eye to predict health dangers

by Drew Harwell and Carolyn Y. Johnson By looking at the human eye,

“ Dig The Well Before You Get Thirsty”

by P.G. Parameswaran, MD

A Chinese proverb says “dig the well before you get thirsty.” We are not following this adage when it

Harris County Public Health Confirms Flu-Related Pediatric Death

Residents Encouraged to Protect Themselves from the Flu

HARRIS COUNTY, TX – Harris County Public Health (HCPH) is confirming a flu-related

Home cleaning products may be as harmful as 20 cigarettes a day

by David Nelson A study by scientists at the University of Bergen in Norway finds that regular use of cleaning sprays