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Asking our elderly parents to immigrate – for love, or free domestic work?

by Carol Tanjutco The grass is not always greener in the land of milk and honey. This is what many seniors sooner or

Young women are using A.D.H.D. drugs in greater numbers

by Benedict Carey The percentage of young adult women who filled prescriptions for drugs used to treat attention deficit disorder has

What is the effect of a “no refund” sale?

Q. I signed up and paid $1,100 for online fitness coaching. The website said I would receive exercises, meal plans, and 24-7 access

International Business and FCPA Compliance – Part 2

Question: What are the anti-bribery provisions of the FCPA? Answer: It is unlawful under the anti-bribery provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Hot air: Study finds bikram no healthier than other yoga

PARIS, France | AFP | Friday 1/19/2018 – Practiced in rooms heated to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), bikram yoga is no

Eating leafy greens may stave off memory loss: study

MIAMI | AFP | 12/20/2017 – Eating one serving of leafy greens per day may stave off memory loss in old age and

5 things pediatricians want parents to know about the flu epidemic

The deadly flu epidemic sweeping the nation has closed schools in states from Alabama to Texas and killed at least 30 children since

‘Inflammatory’ diet linked to higher risk of colon cancer

People who consume lots of foods linked to chronic inflammation, such as red meat and refined grains, may be more likely

‘Mutant flu’ could lead to more effective vaccine: study

MIAMI | AFP | 1/18/2018 – Experiments in lab animals have shown signs of success for a newly engineered flu virus that may

Memory Gene Goes Viral

Two independent teams of scientists from the University of Utah and the University of Massachusetts Medical School have discovered that a