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Failure: Milestones in the Road to Success

by Deepsikha Das This month at India House, the Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP), the Houston based non-profit, invited Dr. Latha Ramchand to

Alzheimer’s nutrient drink falters in clinical trial

LONDON – There is no good evidence that a nutrient drink being sold online in the UK to “help” people with

Eat right to stay fit

The Top Ten Healthy Eating Habits. Developing healthy eating habits will help you reach your goals, while ensuring you feel energized and able

Six Health Care Expenses Medicare Won’t Pay For

Don’t be caught off guard by the services the program fails to fully cover. Roughly 56 million Americans rely on Medicare to help

Children’s brain cells changed by internet porn: neurosurgeon

ROME, Italy | AFP | Friday 10/6/2017.

PLEASE NOTE sexual content throughout Internet pornography changes children’s brain cells”, says American neurosurgeon Donald Hilton.

FDA to revoke soy health claim

by Debra Goldschmidt and Jacqueline Howard WASHINGTON – The US Food and Drug Administration called into question Monday the authorized health

Katy Premier League‘s ‘Charity Thru Sports’

A spirited yet an affable game of volleyball between friends with lot of laughter, fun and friendly banter was a weekly ritual. The