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Q: I am a US Citizen and I wish to file I-130 Petition for Alien Relative for my wife and my

GOP unveils new young immigrants bill

WASHINGTON (AFP) , September 25, 2017 — A new Senate GOP proposal released Monday would create a pathway to legalization for so-called Dreamers,

9th Indian Film Festival of Houston set to dazzle

The films submitted this year for the 9th Indian Film Festival of Houston. reflect the historic changes in the world today

Simple Ways Of Healthy Lifestyle

The term ‘healthy lifestyle’ has been bandied about for years, an abbreviated definition of how we should live if we want to get

Long Term Care- Biggest Challenge Americans will ever face

Americans routinely buy all sorts of insurance — for cars, homes, health and even pets and boats. But when it comes

Sleep deprivation could shave years off your life

by Emily Price Too little sleep is making us sick. In an interview with The Guardian, Matthew Walker, Director of the Center for

Why are drug prices so high?

The New York Times and ProPublica have teamed up to investigate who is to blame for skyrocketing drug prices — and have turned

Pregnant women should still get the flu vaccine, doctors advise

by Rebecca Hersher Flu symptoms can be more severe when you’re pregnant, landing women in the hospital, threatening their lives and

UN visit to Myanmar’s Rakhine state thwarted by ‘bad weather’


A UN visit to Myanmar’s conflict-battered Rakhine state was postponed Thursday, thwarting efforts to reach the epicentre of violence for

Indian court charges ex-editor with raping colleague


An Indian court on Thursday charged the former editor of a renowned news magazine with raping a female colleague four